The Nordic funds for Theological Education

Theological Education, Nordic UMC

The Executive Committee has since 1971 administered Metodistkyrkans Centralkonferenckassa, securities and cash deposited with SE-Banken, Stockholm. As per January 1, 2011 the money was transferred to Nordea Bank, Denmark. Grants have been distributed for theological education of pastors within the five Nordic annual/provisional conferences of The United Methodist Church.

Grants are issued by the Area Group of the Nordic & Baltic Episcopal Area based on proposals from the Bishop of the Nordic & Baltic Episcopal Area. Read more about The Theological Funds

Applications are received by The Nordic & Baltic Episcopal Office annually before August 1 from the Annual Conference cabinets in the Nordic AC of UMC. Application must be in writing and include a detailed description, name(s) of participant(s), financial plan, timetable, and other information of importance.

Deadline for Applications is August 1.