The three Funds

Hans Kristian Madsen - a donation of USD 2,000 received through bishop Odd Hagen in 1956. In accordance with Förvaltningsberättelse for Metodistkyrkan Teologiska Skola Överås, it was the bishop’s wish that interests from this donation could be used for payment (arvoden) of lecturers at Överås.

Lydia and Alexis Wahlström  – a testamentary gift of SEK 1,000 was received and handed over to the treasurer (for Det skandinaviske Skolestyre) together with “statutter” for the foundation on a meeting on Øverås, September 28, 1957. Interests from this donation can be used for theological education of missionaries.

Bishop Odd Hagen - a collection made on the occasion of Odd Hagen’s 60 years birthday. On a meeting in Skolestyrelsen May 31, 1966 Odd Hagen handed over the amount, SEK 17.592,62. The money was given to the treasurer to be invested in shares in Skandinaviska Banken. Odd Hangen wanted his birthday-gift to be called “Biskop Odd Hagens Fond för Teologiske Skolan”, and the money was not supposed to be used for “general costs” (löpande utgifter).