New Russian-speaking preaching-point in Helsinki!

Not long ago Artur Põld, pastor of Jõhvi UMC in Estonia, had a vision to start a Russian-speaking methodist ministry in Helsinki, Finland. The main reason behind this was that some youth and young adults, who grew up in Jõhvi UMC, moved to Finland a while ago. Today they form a good group of Russian-speaking methodists living in Helsinki.

Pastor Artur decided to take some concrete actions and in October 2013 the work started officially as a "Jõhvi UMC preaching point" in Helsinki. In the beginning, the worship services of the new Russian fellowship took place in the church-building of the Swedish-speaking UMC (Kristuskyrkan). Once a month pastor Artur led the communion there, other times lay people led the services. Now the group is renting other facilities, since they wanted to meet earlier on Sundays than what was possible in Kristuskyrkan. This group of young adults is very mission-minded. In addition to worship services they want to reach youth and young adults and are already doing it. CK.


Bootcamps for church-planters 2014

During 2014 there will be two different opportunities for church-planters within the episcopal area to take part in a so called bootcamp for church-planters. A bootcamp is a weekend with training, reflection, prayer-ministry and discussion - a unique possibility for church-planters to excange experiences with each other. Write down the dates already now! The first weekend is arranged in Norway 27-29.3 2014 and is a joint event for church-planters from all denominations together with DAWN Norway (see attached movie). The other bootcamp is 17-19.10 2014 in Kokkola, Finland, together with Öivind Augland from DAWN Norway. We expect teams from the whole episcopal area to the bootcamp in Finland.

Photo: Mika Uusimäki, Harri Kiviniemi and Jari Aksila from the Unite Methodist Church in Kokkola and its' Finnish-speaking new project. 

The conference in Norway: http://vimeo.com/64630900

Camilla Klockars

First worship service held at Sotra, Norway

Easter 2013, April 2nd, the first worship service was arranged by the newly planted UMC church at Sotra, Norway. The new church was started about two years ago and has been growing ever since. About 170 people participated in the first service, where the pastor of the new church, Dag-Martin Östevold, preached. The church was blessed by bishop Christian Alsted. Superintendents Svein Veland, Öivind Helliesen and Steinar Hjerpseth were all there, including several other invited guests. The church at Sotra is the second new UMC church-plant in Norway within less than a year. May 27, 2012 an International church was planted in Oslo. 

Text: Camilla Klockars

Picture: Karl Anders Ellingsen

Another new church being planted in Norway

"Centralkirken", the local Methodist church in Bergen, Norway, is looking forward to and preparing the new birth of their daughter-church in Sotra. This will take place April 1,2013. During the last years a church-planting team has been reaching out to families and children in the area, mainly through family-gatherings. The gatherings have been well visited and the group has been growing steadily. The vision, mission and the values of the new church have been developed and now the church is ready to be launched.

New International church planted in Oslo, Norway

Superintendent Helliesen

Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2012, a new United Methodist church was officially started in Oslo, Norway. According to superintendent Øyvind Helliesen, some 160 people attended the Sunday celebration where 33 members were welcomed into the new church. Helliesen preached about "Three things most people like to hear" and people from the new church led worship and contributed with song. The congregation also celebrated Holy Communion. The first Sunday in June 2012 a church-board for the new church will be elected and new members will probably also be welcomed, Helliesen says. The church has representatives from Asia, Africa and Europe. Pictures to come!

C Klockars

New church-plant in Jokilaakso, Finland

People from Jokilaakso hearing the gospel

The methodist church in Pori initiated a new church-plant in the Jokilaakso area during spring 2012. The work is going well and several new people have been ministered to. The church-plant meets in a house that used to serve the local court. Now grace is proclaimed where judgement earlier was heard! CK 

New church in Pirkkala, Finland, formally established

Pastor Jeromaa

August 3, 2011, a new Finnish methodist-church was established within the episcopal area. This means that the Finnish-speaking methodist parishes in Finland increased with 10% (from 9 to 10). August 1, 2010, pastor Jan-Markus Jeromaa and his church-planting team initiated an opening happening in Pirkkala and now, one year afterwards, the church is formally established.

The annual conference of the methodist church, led by bishop Christian Alsted, gave its' blessing and support to the new initiative in July 2011. According to district superintendent Pasi Runonen who led the first charge conference in Pirkkala August 3, 2011, some 35 adults and 10-20 kids take part in the activities of the new church.

Camilla Klockars

Video from Dawn Norway on You Tube

We want to start new churches

Starting new churches is a key focus in the United Methodist Church in the Nordic and Baltic area. On this video bishop Christian Alsted shares the vision.

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