M4 continues in May 2011

The second M4-weekend in Riga is scheduled to May 13-14, 2011. This time "Mission" is the theme. God wants to give His people His own heart for the lost. During the weekend the participants will work on finding and planning new ways to reach out to people.

The third and fourth weekends are scheduled to September 23-24 ("Multiplication") and November 25-26, 2011 ("Movement").

The two Danish teams get their M4-training in Denmark. The content and the heart is the same.

Camilla Klockars

Church-planting track in Gothenburg 31.8-4.9 2011

If you speak and understand Scandinavian, don't miss the next church-planting track at the School of Congregational Development in Gothenburg, Sweden,  early September 2011 with Ã–ivind Augland (Norway) and Camilla Klockars. Mofe info to come.