Current church-plants within the episcopal area

Currently we are working on the following projects and church-plants:

Denmark: Solröd (www.solrodfrikirke.dk) and Acta, Aalborg. Acta is a project run by www.strandby-metodistkirke.dk

Norway: Oslo International Methodist church and Sotra (close to Bergen)

Sweden: Project "Ctrl+Alt+Del - Omstart i Livet (Restarting life)" in Laxå.

Finland F: Pirkkala (outside of Tampere), www.pirkkalankotiseurakunta.fi and Jokilaakso (Pori-area), www.jokilaaksonsrk.net

Finland S: Hanko and Kokkola (www.karleby.metodistkyrkan.fi)

Lithuania: Vilnius