Please, choose one track for Friday and one for Saturday when registering!


Choose level 2 if you have previous experience in the area.

You may choose level 1 on Friday and level 2 on saturday.



1. Team Leadership

Petri Heinonen

Petri Heinonen is 42 years old , married with 2 children. His company offers training in the area of leadership and coaching of organizations.
He founded the Kuokkala homechurch near Jyväskylä in Finland in 1997.
His strength is to build passion and to make the people he coaches flourish and develop. His purpose is to equip christians for ministry.


2. Church With The Poor

Helen Byholt Lovelace and Artur Põld

Helen Byholt Lovelace, Director of Diaconal ministries in Lithuania UMC. Helen is a Deacon from Norway but has served for several years in Ukraine developing ministries with the poor. She will teach on what Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:35 ff. Does He only tell us to give food and drink to them who are hungry and thirsty, visit people in prison or is there more to it than that? 


Artur  Põld is the dynamic pastor of Johvi United Methodist Church and director of Camp Gideon in Estonia. He is the architect behind several diaconal ministries with  the poor in his region, the newest project is "Sunbeam" a daycare center for handicapped children. He will speak on what it means to be in mission with the poor.


3. Developing Leaders - Mentoring and Discipleship

Leif S Jacobsen and Anna Zinchenko

Leif S Jacobsen is an experienced leader and pastor, who has grown and developed churches by equipping and empowering leaders, particularly young leaders, for ministry. He has a burning heart for starting new churches and helping churches to develop to their full potential. Leif will focus on: Mentoring and developing relations for personal maturing and growth.  Teambuilding, one important key in Church building.

 Anna Zinchenko is a young and new christian with a freshperspective on ministry. She will share from her own experience of being a leader: Challenges to consider, how to grow as a young leader and help others in your team to grow and develop themselves


4. Methodist Identity - in the Local Church

Hilde Marie Movafagh

Pastor with a strong passion for our Methodist identity. Hilde Marie Movafagh is working on her pH.d. at Menighetsfakultetet in Oslo, Norway focusing on prevenient grace.

Hilde Marie will teach on theology and how our Wesleyan inheritance still form us as United Methodists today. We will especially work on how we interpret our inheritance in a contemporary theology that makes sense to us and communicates well with people in our context.


5. Church for the 21st Century

Johanna Buller and John Eidering

John Eidering – Coordinator in the west region of Equmenia Sweden (Equmenia is the youth organisation of Equmeniakyrkan that the Swedish Methodist church is a part of)

Johanna Buller – Youth pastor at Fiskebäcks Missionskyrka, Gothenburg.

We live in a world that’s changing ever so fast, the challenges on leadership to navigate and lead through times of change, secularization and growing social needs are huge. In our seminar we want to pinpoint that the church has a major role to play in the world we live in, and that you as a leader are capable to lead in and through your church! We hope that we’ll be able to empower you with confidence, focus and hope for the future!


6. Vision and Strategy - Level 1

Øyvind Helliesen, Svein Veland and Stefan Forsbäck

Stefan Forbäck is a young enthusiastic pastor in Finland serving in a multicultural congregation with many students in Åbo. He perceives the most important qualities of a leader to be: Commitment to Christ and his kingdom, humbleness and eagerness to grow and learn continuously from co-workers and church members, empowering and giving (letting go of) responsibility to others.

Øyvind Helliesen is an experienced district superintendant i Norway, with a burning heart for empowering leaders for ministry. He is a driving force in the vision and strategic planning in the United Methodist Church in Norway.  

Svein Veland serves as seniorpastor in a large multi-generational church and as a part time district superintendant. He is a passionate and inspiring pastor, who leads with vision and courage.

Level one will focus on: How to inspire and implement change, vision and strategy practically in your church. With practical examples from local church ministry.


7. Vision and Strategy - Level 2

Øyvind Helliesen, Svein Veland and Stefan Forsbäck

Level 2 focuses on: The mission and vision shaped church, Praying and planning, Four sets of relationship (Up-Out-In-Of), Community-Visibility-Activity, obstacles, strategic work, and practical realization (performance) with focus on development of the congregation.

- A biblical understanding of leadership
- Understand “what time it is” (Culture, Society, Church)
- Have a clear biblical vision for the mission of the church
- Know the values that motivates the church in ministry
- Sharpening our tools
- Develop the spiritual and human resources, and know where to get necessary
   material resources.


8. Church Planting - Level 1

Camilla Klockars and Pepp Saar

Camilla Klockars in the church planting coordinator in the Nordic and Baltic area and a driving force in our efforts of starting new faith communities. She serves in Kokkola UMC a thriving church characterized by family and celebration, and s strong emphasis on prayer and worhip.  http://www.karleby.metodistkyrkan.fi/ 

Pepp Saar - founder of Tartu Crossroads Church (Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia), married to Anna Grace Saar, 3 children.

On level 1 the focus will be on the basics of starting a new faith community: Why church-planting? What are we really planting? How do we do it in practice? 


9. Church Planting - Level 2

Camilla Klockars and Dag Martin Østevold

Dag Martin Østevold is leading the new church at Sotra outside of Bergen (planted in 2011), from the summer of 2015 seniorpastor of Centralkirken, Bergen, Norway.

On level level 2 we will focus on:
- Ministry in the power of the Holy-Spirit
- Building the church is about building and developing people around you.
- Practical challenges that a church planter will face.
- Self-leadrship and ladng by example.
- Practicing the spiritual disciplines.