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The United Mehtodist Church is one of serveral Methodist and Wesleyan denominations with 11 mio members across the world. The whole Methodist family organized in the World Methodist Council has around 80 mio. members.


While we wait for a new heaven and a new earth

We entering into a time of hope - and we need it...

New Church Plant Communicator

Camilla Klockars is the brand new church plant communicator

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World News

Mission reborn from Katrina’s destruction

From the depths of the 2005 hurricane that caused massive damage and suffering along the Gulf Coast, new United Methodist ministries arose.

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Slideshow: Katrina Then and Now

Photographer Mike DuBose takes a visual trip back in time to 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and compares the devastation then to the recovery that is still in progress.

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Volunteers put lives, homes back together after Katrina

Epworth Project helps connects thousands of volunteers to homeowners who needed help after Katrina.

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From Katrina to Detroit: new collaborations

Relationships strengthened and expanded through the Katrina recovery process have created a new normal for local disaster response.

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Liberian president opposes Christian state plans

Liberian president, a United Methodist, opposes plan to amend constitution to declare Liberia a Christian state.

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