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The United Mehtodist Church is one of serveral Methodist and Wesleyan denominations with 11 mio members across the world. The whole Methodist family organized in the World Methodist Council has around 80 mio. members.


While we wait for a new heaven and a new earth

We entering into a time of hope - and we need it...

New Church Plant Communicator

Camilla Klockars is the brand new church plant communicator

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World News

Nepal relief challenge: accessing rural villages

United Methodist missionaries report extensive damage outside of Kathmandu and difficulty in getting food and shelter supplies to earthquake survivors.

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Sierra Leone Conference meets amid Ebola restrictions

Despite trickle of new cases, government ban on public gatherings reduces time, participants in annual meeting of United Methodists.

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Bridge provides lifeline for Chitora community

The Chitora-Gwarada Bridge is the first bridge The United Methodist Church has built through the Chabadza Initiative, a partnership between the church in Norway and Zimbabwe.

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Central conference retirees: From destitution to hope

Dan O’Neill of Central Conference Pension says it's good to talk with retirees about their ministry. “It’s a chance to honor the work they’ve done over 30, 40 or 45 years.”

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Bishops ask if agency restructure plan is constitutional

United Methodist bishops stress they neither endorse nor oppose the revised Plan UMC but hope for a more orderly General Conference.

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