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The United Mehtodist Church is one of serveral Methodist and Wesleyan denominations with 11 mio members across the world. The whole Methodist family organized in the World Methodist Council has around 80 mio. members.


While we wait for a new heaven and a new earth

We entering into a time of hope - and we need it...

New Church Plant Communicator

Camilla Klockars is the brand new church plant communicator

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World News

Civil Rights Movement ‘a galaxy away’

Freedom Summer did not affect young man as he was growing up in Dallas, but learning about it years later had a profound effect.

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Church members in Liberia afflicted with the Ebola virus

Pastors and members of United Methodist churches in Liberia have died of Ebola,while other members are quarantined.

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British Methodists watch Scottish independence vote

Uncertainty for all on effects that ‘Yes’ vote would have on Scotland’s relations with rest of United Kingdom.

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‘Africa happens at Africa University everyday’

Munashe Furusa shares his plans for the United Methodist-related university, which has students from 23 African countries.

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Long-ago summer set course for many United Methodists

The more than 700 student volunteers who took part in Freedom Summer included United Methodists. Others were influenced by what they saw, heard, or read about in 1964.

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