Please choose one track for Saturday when registering!



1. Short term mission opportunities for the youth, GBGM


2. Serenity Services

Yngvar Ruud

will present the idea and content of the serenity service, show ways how the Church can serve the addicted and powerless (to a degree we all are) to experience recovery.

Learn how to be a good listener and servant.


Learn how to live on a daily basis in the presence of God and let this set the standard for who you are and what you do.


3. Godly Play

Anne Thompson

This workshop will be a space for reflection on the spirituality of children - what is the spirituality of a childlike, and how might an understanding of that help us meet children with the love of Christ? Is there any ways that allow us to let the children meet God without us standing in the way of that possible relationship?

The workshop will create an environment for wonder as we explore this important ministry of serving the children, and I hope you will leave encouraged, that God trusted you a ministry, where you can grow in your love for him as you help children do the same.


4. Developing a service team

Marika Labanova


5. Mother earth - how do we treat the nature, pretect it and wisely use the resources

Bettina Pedersen and Camilla Gaard Røed


6. Challenge

Petri Heinonen


7. Timothy – programme for developing young leaders

Frøydis Grinna

“Timothy – leadership training for youth” is a leadership training programme which have run in Norway for ten years. Between 10-25 youth come away for three weekends over a year, to learn about God, themselves, teamwork, leadership etc. The youths are from 16-20 years old. The youths are chosen from their home congregation, and have leader tasks in their congregation during the leadership training.

Two years ago “Timothy” was taken to Lithuania, maybe your country will be next?