Head Office

Metodistkirken i Norge
Address: St. Olavsgate 28, 0166 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 23 33 27 00
E-mail: hovedkontoret(at)
Web site:

District Superintendents:

Svein Veland

Ingull Grefslie, Fjellveien 16, NO-1850 Mysen
Phone: + 47 99 73 21 19
E-mail: ingull.grefslie(at)


Special Characteristics

  • A pluralistic church
  • A strong connectional identity
  • Missional and diaconal in nature
  • Strong ecumenical relations


Areas of Focus

  • Making new disciples in new places
  • Leading where God calls
  • Overcoming poverty together
  • Seeking health and wholeness for everybody


Latest development

  • Increased recruitment of young pastors and deacons
  • Many churches involved in church development
  • Leadership development
  • New expressions of church occuring


Statistics 2019

  • Baptized members: 7176
  • Confessing members: 4089
  • Pastors and deacons: 81
  • Tendency: steady number of members

In 1856, the Danish-American pastor Christian Willerup founded the first Methodist church in Fredrikstad. He was sent from America where the Norwegian sailor Ole Peter Petersen had established a Norwegian- Danish Methodist church a few years earlier, and now it was time for some of the immigrants to go back home and tell their fellow citizens about their new experience of faith. After only some twenty years, the movement had grown to an actual annual conference with almost 3000 members. Despite quite a few crisis, the church continued to grow steadily.