Episcopal Areas

The Nordic, Baltic & Ukraine Area

Rigensgade 21A, st., DK-1316 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Assistant Kirsten Hastrup
Phone: +45 5133 1477. Email: office(at)umc-ne.org

Bishop Christian Alsted
Email: bishop(at)umc-ne.org
Web: umc-ne.org

The Nordic, Baltic & Ukraine Episcopal Area includes 8 countries: Denmark, Finland Latvia, Lithuania Norway, Sweden, Moldova and Ukraine. The episcopal area is organized in 6 annual conferences, in addition Latvia and Lithuania function as small provisional annual conference: The Denmark Annual Conference, The Baltic Annual Conference, The Finland Swedish Provisional Annual Conference (includes Sweden), the Finland Finnish Provisional Annual Conference, The Norway Annual Conference and the Ukraine and Moldova Provisional Annual Conference..

For more information on the 6 annual conferences, please follow this link 




The Eurasia Area

Khamovnichesky val 24, stroenie 2, Moscow 119048, Russia
Phone: +7 495 961 3458
Email:  office(at)umc-eurasia.ru

Bishop Eduard Khegay
Phone: +7 495 961 3458
Email:  bishop.eduard(at)umc-eurasia.ru

The Eurasia Episcopal Area includes 6 countries:  Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The episcopal area is organized in 4 annual conferences: The Central Russia Annual Conference, The Eastern Russia and Central Asia Provisional Annual Conference, The Northwest Russia and Belarus Provisional Annual Conference, The Southern Russia Provisional Annual Conference.