COVID-19 Vaccination must be a Missional Priority of the Church

This is about equity and justice, and as a church we must take our responsibility through advocacy and education in putting pressure on our governments to make vaccines available for all parts of the world, while we educate people about the benefits of being vaccinated where the vaccine is available. These effort are a simple expression of Christian love and discipleship, said bishop Christian Alsted, chair of the Connectional Table.
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This past week the European Commission on Mission gathered in Norway made a statement on vaccine inequity, saying: “We call for Vaccine Equity now, and for every person, leader and organisation to do their part to ensure that access for all becomes a reality in our world today. We passionately believe that it is imperative that governments, pharmaceutical companies, global and local health authorities take tangible action to more equitably distribute and give access to COVID-19 vaccinations and the supplies needed to distribute them.”
The European Commission on Mission is (ECOM) is a fellowship of leaders and representatives of Methodist mission boards, mission agencies and task forces, or their equivalent in Europe, as well as the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM).
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