Letter from Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ in the Nordic, Baltic and Ukraine episcopal area,

The Methodist Church of Ukraine expresses gratitude to you for your prayers and support for Ukraine in its struggle against russian aggression.

Since the beginning of its independence, Ukraine has been known internationally for its high level of religious freedom, partnership between the state and religious communities, religious pluralism, developed interfaith dialogue, and cooperation, as evidenced by the activities of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations and other interfaith institutions.

During the war caused by russian aggression, Ukraine maintains an appropriate level of religious freedom, there are no persecutions based on religious grounds, democratic procedures, and judicial institutions continue to operate. Problematic issues arising in the context of martial law are resolved through dialogue between the government and the churches. Taking advantage of religious freedom, various churches and religious organizations engage in spiritual, religious, and humanitarian activities in Ukrainian society.

As a result of russian aggression, millions of Ukrainians have become refugees in different countries around the world and internally displaced persons within their own country. The civilian population of Ukraine, including children, women, and the elderly, suffer from russian missile and drone attacks, aerial bombardments, and artillery shelling, which destroy Ukrainian cities and infrastructure. In these conditions, Ukrainian churches, together with other civil society actors (civil and charitable organizations), in cooperation with state social institutions, provide necessary assistance to those in need.

We ask you to continue to uplift prayers for Ukraine and Ukrainian churches and to speak the truth about the horrific suffering of the Ukrainian people from russian aggression.

With due respect,

Ukraine United Methodist Church