Long-Term Help for Refugees

"Save your strength! The road we are on will be long," says Ivana Prochazkova, superintendent of the UMC in the Czech Republic, referring to the relief efforts for refugees from Ukraine.

Methodist Network of Help

The war in Ukraine is driving more and more people to flee. People of the United Methodist Church are helping. This is also possible thanks to donations from the church's worldwide network. A look at Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

Prayer Letter UMC Ukraine

We stand with the United Methodists in Ukraine in prayer for protection, reconciliation and peace. Please copy and distribute this prayer letter to as many as possible.

General Conference Postponed

The next General Conference will be in 2024, dates and place are yet to be announced.

Pastoral Letter – Ukraine

There is war in Europe, Russia has invaded Ukraine, which is a free independent democracy. In the face of the evil of war, we pray for a logic different from the one based on geopolitical competition. We pray for a change of hearts and minds of leaders, we pray for de-escalation and dialogue instead of violence and war.

A Call to Vaccine Equity for all.

As members of the European Commission on Mission, we stand in united solidarity to call for Vaccine Equity in the global response to Covid-19.

Support to Member Churches at Belarus Border

The European Methodist Council offers support to its memeber churches in countries that border Belarus.

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