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Central Conference Council Members

Bishop Eduard Khegay, bishop.eduard(at)

Central Russia:
Sergei Pugachev, pugachev_sergei(at) 

East Russia and Central Asia:
Rev. Dmitrii Lysin, dimo.umc-ca(at)

Northwest Russia:
Elena Kitaeva, soultan(at) 

South Russia:
Svetlana Tsoy, tsvetik7(at)

Ukraine and Moldova:
Vasylina Babych, vasylyna.babych(at) 

Nordic & Baltic
Bishop Christian Alsted, bishop(at)

Ole Birch, ole.birch(at) (Jørgen Thaarup)
Karen Brogaard, karenbrogaard(at) (Bettina Pedersen)

Robert Tserenkov, robert.tserenkov(at), Meeli Tankler, mtankler(at)

Finland F:
Jori Brander, jori.brander(at)

Finland S:
Sarah Tiainen, sarah.tiainen(at)

Edgars Sneiders, esneiders(at)

Remigijus Matulaitis, remailo(at) 

Hilde Maria Ø. Movafagh, hildemarie(at)
Ingull Grefslie, ingull.greffslie(at)
Per-Endre Björnevik, per-endre.bjornevik(at)
Johanna Lundereng, johanna.lundereng(at)
Substitutes: Ingerid Hogge, Svein Veland, Aart Huurnink, Stephanie Buadu



mapThe Nordic and Baltic episcopal area covers 7 countries Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We speak 9 official languages and use English as a common language.

Bishop Christian Alsted gives oversight to pastors, deacons, local churches, schools, hospitals, seminaries and diaconal institutions in the area.

Bishop emblemUnited Methodists hold to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. We value the intellect and modern science, at the same time we see the Bible as the authoritative guide for faith and practice. Methodists recognize that the world is not always black and white. We are willing to ask questions and to wrestle with difficult issues, and we do so with grace and compassion.

Methodists emphasize personal faith, lived out in concrete ways in the world. We value well-informed and passionate preaching, worship that is lively, and small groups where people can grow in faith.

World News

After 27 years leading The United Methodist Church’s pension agency through economic crises and toward investments that are ecologically and ethically sound, Barbara Boigegrain is retiring at the end of the year. She looks back at her tenure.
Congo church relaunches FM radio station; LDS church agrees to pay into Boy Scout of America's victims fund; Top stories from the week
The United Methodist Church continues to be part of negotiations in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy, but another religious group has agreed to pay $250 million to a fund for victims of Scouting-related sex abuse.
The United Methodist Church recently reopened its FM radio station in Kinshasa, with the potential to reach more than 17 million listeners in the region.

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