Methodist Scouts Norway 100 Years

Once a Scout - Always a Scout

Over the past 100 years, thousands of children and young people have experienced the importance of community, mutual respect and understanding, helpfulness, honesty, reliability, responsibility and faith in God through the scouting work of the United Methodist Church. The values and skills they have learned in scouting they have taken into their workplaces, into their family and into other relationships.
Long before anyone talked about climate awareness and global warming, scouts were concerned with protecting nature and the environment.
Long before there was a peace movement, scouts have worked for peace and understanding between people.
Long before anyone talked about values-based leadership, the scout movement has continuously taught children and young people to take responsibility and lead each other based on the values of the Scout Law - which is nothing other than concrete Christianity.
The United Methodist Church in Norway congratulates our scouts on their anniversary. We are proud of our many scouts and deeply grateful for the many leaders who create great scouting experiences for children and youth on a weekly basis.
The Methodist scouts make Norway and the world a better place - and this is needed in a time of upheaval, conflict and war, and where many children and youth experience loneliness and exclusion.
Therefore... Scouts be prepared!
Christian Alsted