Bishop’s Messages

Pastoral Letter

Dear United Methodist in the Nordic and Baltic countries,

He is Risen

Only a few months ago, most of us could not imagine what we are undergoing right now.

From Pain to Hope

Today as on every day, Jesus is one with us. You are not alone in your pain.

Welcome at our Table

Welcome to our dinner table. My wife Elisabeth and I have had this dining table for almost 30 years.

If only you Knew the Things that Lead to Peace

On Palm Sunday we enter into the final week of God's great rescue and deliverance is Jesus Christ.

Prayers in Time of Distress

We live our lives without safety net. No matter how cautious we are, we will all die from living, this is the basic condition of life.

New Year Greeting

Dear Methodists i the Nordic & Baltic Episcopal Area

Update on Roundtable

Update on Roundtable Process from the fall of 2019 to the end of 2020.

Letter from Bishop Alsted

Bishop Alsted has written a letter to all of us to explain the situation after the General Conference 2019

Respect and Trust

It is no secret that there are different understandings of human sexuality and of what the best way forward is among the 40 delegates from Europe and Eurasia.

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