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A message on women's equality in the church - by Bishop Alsted

Dear members of the church in the Nordic and Baltic area

I am sorry about the Nordic and Baltic votes in the recent vote on constitutional amendments. I foolishly thought, we were at a better place.

I thought we shared the understanding that women and men are equal as members, leaders and clergy across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

A Message from Bishop Alsted

Bishop Christian Alsted reflects on the decision by the Council of Bishops regarding a Way Forward....


Dear United Methodists in the Nordic and Baltic Area

In the past week, I was part of a highly prayerful and intensive meeting of the Council of Bishops. Our Christian conferencing was shaped by the desire to help the General Conference to do its work and to help the church find a way forward

Judicial Council to hold oral hearing on bishops’ request

The United Methodist Church’s top court has scheduled an oral hearing on a request about what legislation can come before the special General Conference.

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First death reported in DRC Ebola outbreak

United Methodist leaders vow to raise awareness to help stop the spread of the deadly virus.

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United Methodists who fled insecurity in Congo return home

East Congo bishop urges assisting the displaced and welcoming the militia who are laying down arms in Maniema.

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Facing the Future 2018 envisions multicultural church

As the number of pastors serving congregations who don’t look like them grows, conference aims to equip both clergy and congregants to overcome cultural obstacles.

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